Chamber Music

Chamber Music

 I would like to introduce you to Del Segno. 


Do  some events you plan ever need that special polish you could only  obtain with live classical melodies?  Del Segno might be just what you  are looking for.  We are a duo, trio or quartet of musicians who play  violin, viola, cello, and piano.   We are available for hire to play for any event that could use that special flair of live, elegant classical  music. 

Del Segno’s  unique musical selections make your special occasion even more  memorable.Let us help you and your bride and groom coordinate some  selections to make their wedding day even more special. We can help plan  the music they need to walk down the aisle with style.  Del Segno can  start with some light classical selections while their guests gather for  the wedding ceremony.  The couple can select different  melodies/selections for each member of the bridal party and have each  selection blend seamlessly from mothers, to bridesmaids, to ushers, to  flower girls, as they walk down the aisle during the processional.   Del Segno’s music is always a welcome addition to the reception line and during the cocktail hour. 

When not playing weddings, we love playing for small parties like retirement  celebrations, anniversaries, fundraisers, special event dinners.  Del  Segno has helped with banquets and receptions to mark the opening of a  facility.  And certainly, classical chamber music is always a welcome  addition to engagement parties and showers.    We also have selections  planned for Christmas parties, New Year’s parties, church events, and  more.  

Please keep our information on file, ready to pull out when needed.  

We are just a phone call (302-492-0353) or email ( away.